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For information, in France, donations to works of general interest are deducted from taxes up to 66%. In other words, a donation of 100 euros costs you only 34 euros.

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Natural climbing areas need you !

By becoming a Greenspits member, you join a team of enthusiasts, lovers of climbing and nature. You will be the first guests at our events, as well as at our general meeting. You will also receive our newsletter and will be alerted exclusively to our actions and major news concerning the defense of natural climbing areas.

Becoming a member of an activist association like Greenspits means even more:

  • It is above all a strong signal for an active and strong community, because together we have more weight.
  • It is a fundamental financial aid to the preservation of our natural sites, by favoring the independence of our actions.
  • This is the opportunity to join a group of people working for the same purpose, and why not, by becoming an active member, to actively contribute to Greenspits actions in the field.

The regular maintenance of our sectors depends on all of us, from small gestures to big jobs!

Being #greenspitsmember means being a player in the development, maintenance and defense of natural climbing sites, as well as education and user empowerment.